The request for an order implies acceptance of our general conditions of sale. Before performing this, please review model, code, size, color, acrylic or glass, etc …
Orders must always be in writing to avoid errors. Also we recommend make your order by fax.
The photographic content and descriptions in the catalog is only informative. Debaño reserves the right to modify design, sizes and prices of its products without notice.

In order canceling standard, the company reserves the right to charge fees that are 40% of the order value.
Special manufacturing orders must be requested by fax, and on no account cancellations or returns of such orders will be accepted.

Production deadlines are merely indicative and shall in no case plea of orders or liability claims cause any effect. If the buyer have the case within manufacturing was indispensable, you must specify in writing in the order and the company may notify the acceptance or non-acceptance of the order.

All merchandise travels insured therefore be visually inspected and if the packaging has been damaged in transit, must be stated on the delivery note. If you do not see anything indicating untested. Last 24 hours of receipt, transportation agencies do not support claims for breakage or damage that has not been noted on the delivery note. Debaño not be responsible for damages if the customer does not give notice within that period. As if the product has been tampered with or installed.
Carriage paid for orders over or equal to 90 €.

No refunds without prior consent of the bathroom allowed.
We do not accept returns of special manufacturing orders.
No refunds on wood finishes orders by differences in tonality.
Returns must be reported to our factory prepaid.
In case of improper returns, our company reserves the right to pass customer charge for costs incurred.

All our products are guaranteed according to European standards. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts, and our technical support who reserves the right to determine, excluding any other compensation, assembly or movement.
Are out of warranty products for customer display, manufactured surpassing the measures recommended by the manufacturer.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or incorrect installation of the product.
The warranty does not cover the spontaneous breaking of tempered glass.
Are out of warranty mirrors by bulging shield or silver spoilage.

The price of this rate with P.V.P. and they exclude I.V.A.
Prices are quoted in Euros.

Invoice will be charged according to current legislation.

All orders will be paid upon delivery of merchandise.

The buyer expressly submit to the jurisdiction and powers of the Courts of Seville, to settle any question or difference.